Accessibility – Flyer – Your baby’s stay in the maternity unit

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

For your newborn, as for his or her parents, birth represents a considerable change.
From a physical and physiological point of view, the newborn must adapt to life in the air and learn to carry out his or her basic functions on their own: breathing, regulating their temperature and feeding.
This is why, during the few days spent in the maternity unit, the medical and nursing staff will provide your baby with very special supervision.

The day of the birth

This is the day you meet your baby. We recommend favouring skin-to-skin contact as much as possible so that baby can rediscover his or her sensations in the womb.
We guide and support you in learning the first gestures (changing, cord care, help with maternal or artificial feeding, and so on).

The first day

Your baby is examined by the paediatrician outside your room in an examination room in the centre of the unit. Afterwards, the paediatrician will come and tell you the results of your baby’s clinical examination, give you the health record and answer any questions you may have.

The second day

Several examinations are planned for baby during this second day:

  • A hearing test is carried out in the room by a member of staff from the National Audiophonology Service on working days. You will be contacted directly by this service if the test could not be performed during your stay.
  • A saturation test (measurement of the level of oxygen in the blood), using a sensor placed on the baby’s hand and foot, can detect certain heart diseases.
  • A newborn screening for rare metabolic diseases is carried out by taking a blood test.

An ultrasound (head or hips or kidneys) in certain cases (breech presentation, use of a suction cup or forceps).

The baby’s first bath is carried out if all the conditions are met. If not, it can be postponed for 24 hours.

On the day of discharge

Your baby will be examined by the paediatrician in the examination room in your presence. This is an opportunity for you to share your observations and any questions you may have.
The next appointment with your paediatrician should be made by you between the 3rd and 8th week of life. In the event of an early discharge, plan an appointment between the 5th and 9th day of life.


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