Maternity List (accessible version)

You will soon be making a trip to the maternity ward. Below you will find a non-exhaustive list that we have put together of the things that you will need for you and your baby. We would recommend that you avoid taking any valuable objects with you (jewellery, luxury items, etc.)

First of all, remember all of the administrative or medical documents that you will need for your stay: your ID card or passport, your social security card, your auxiliary fund card, your blood type card, your vaccination card, your maternity booklet or pregnancy file and details of the tests carried out during your pregnancy collected in the envelope provided.

Your suitcase

For the delivery room:

  • Comfortable clothes (for you, but remember to bring comfortable clothes for whoever will be with you as well)
  • A nursing pillow
  • A spray bottle, a bathroom towel for use on the ball, music, etc.

For your stay at the maternity ward:

  • Nightclothes that can be opened easily, should you opt for breastfeeding
  • For the first few days, several pairs of large disposable mesh underwear
  • A few breastfeeding bras and nursing pillows (avoid bras with underwiring that presses down on the breasts)
  • Loose clothing if you don’t want to remain in your pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • A dressing gown
  • For washing yourself, remember to include several bathroom towels, toilet gloves and your toiletry bag
  • Sanitary pads will be supplied by the clinic, but you still might wish to bring some for your return journey home
  • A hairdryer, a camera, a pen, a book, etc.

Your baby’s suitcase

Immediately after birth, in the delivery room, the baby will be placed next to you skin to skin. You may wish to include a first outfit for them to wear when they are put in the crib on the maternity ward.

  • Baby clothing (include a sufficient number to cover the duration of your stay):
    • 8 babygros, long or short-sleeved depending on the season
    • 8 pyjamas or items of clothing that are easy to slip on, made from cotton suitable for the season
    • 4 baby’s vests or cardigans made from a thick and warm material for your baby’s first days, socks
    • Bibs
  • For their comfort or for sleeping: a sleep sack or sleeping bag suitable for their age (0-6 months), with or without sleeves. Quilts and bedcovers must not be used in the baby’s crib.
  • For cleaning your baby: toilet gloves, towels and toiletry products will be made available each day, in addition to nappies.

Should you wish to use other nappies or other hygiene products for your baby, you may bring these along.

For the journey back home:

  • A hat, a jacket (depending on the weather)
  • A transport sleep sack or bedcovers with openings in order to allow a seatbelt to be passed through
  • A transport seat that conforms to the applicable safety standards


We would recommend that you use an organic, perfume-free detergent when washing all clothes and washable covers prior to using them with your baby.

Any materials that cannot be washed must be aired as much as possible (car seats, for example).                Test to see if you are able to fit the car seat in your car in advance without the baby being there. This will help prevent any unwanted delays caused by having to deal with fastening systems.

You will be provided with all of the information you need at our prenatal sessions and workshops.

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