Poster – Fall prevention (accessible version)

For patients and their family

A fall can have serious consequences:

  • Use handles and handrails.
  • Use your walking aids.
  • Put on your glasses and/or hearing aid.
  • Request suitable lighting.
  • Wear non-slip, closed-toe shoes.
  • Ask for assistance when you go to the toilet, call the nurse each time you feel the need.
  • Get your bed positioned in the lowest position.
  • If you need to go to the toilet, go straightaway.
  • If the floor is dirty, inform staff.
  • To prevent giddiness, first sit on the edge of the bed and then stand up slowly.

We encourage patient autonomy. Not all falls can be avoided.

To prevent falls in your room, let’s ensure that:

Medical equipment
Be careful when moving around with an infusion stand, catheter, suction drain or anything that could cause you to trip.

Your walking aids
They must always be available. Bring and wear closed-toe shoes.

Order in the room
Make sure the space to move around the room is always unobstructed. We request that each visitor respects this order, especially if it the arrangement of the room has been altered during the visit.

Your personal belongings
Let’s organise your belongings so that they are easily accessible (glasses, hearing aid, slippers, call bell, telephone…)


  • The bedside table is placed on the opposite side of bed to the one you get out of.
  • Shoes and walking aid on the exit side, facing the right way.
  • Infusion stand on the exit side, preferably at the foot of the bed.
  • Urine bag on the exit side.