Health promotion : How to use Clexane® (accessible version)

You will continue treatment at home with Clexane®.
Here is what you need to know:

Clexane® is administered by a subcutaneous injection, between the skin and adjacent muscle,
in “anti-thrombosis” treatment.

Sites of injection :

  • Abdomen : avoid the periumbilical area (2 fingers around the umbilicus)
  • Thigh

You can administrate this medication yourself but please be aware of
the following subjects :

If in doubt, ask the health professional for further explanation.

  • Before administrating this medication, please control the prescription and be sure that the dosage is the right
  • Clexane is administrated 1x/day
  • Always change the side of the injection (right side vs left side)
  • Never inject any medication in a hematoma, wound or red spot

Before the injection :

  • Wash your hands
  • Do not expel the air bubble of the syringe, if you don’t see an air bubble, set the syringe to the side and use a
  • different one
  • Make yourself comfortable in a half-lying or sitting position
  • Disinfect the injection site using a compress saturated with an alcohol skin disinfectant

How to proceed ?

  • Insert the needle into the skin fold at a 90° angle
  • Press the plunger until all of the medicine is injected
  • Do not let go of the skin fold while you are injecting
  • Remove the needle by pulling it straight out

After the injection :

  • Do not press or massage the skin after the injection
  • A burning sensation after the injection is usual
  • In case of allergic skin reation, do not hesite to contact your doctor

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