Accessibility – Flyer – Discharge and follow-up for outpatient surgery – ZithaKlinik

Before discharge:

When you are discharged from outpatient surgery, you will be given the following documents:

  • A prescription for pain relief medication and wound care as required
  • A prescription for receiving care at home, if necessary
  • Medical leave from work, if necessary
  • The date for a post-operative follow-up appointment

Conditions for returning home are:

Being discharged by 7pm at the latest.

Means of transport: preferably in a private car, and you must be accompanied by an adult.

Presence of someone to help you at home over the first night.

On the day of your intervention and until the next morning:

  • Do not smoke immediately after sedation or an anaesthetic
  • Do not drive a vehicle or use dangerous tools or machines
  • Rest, do not exert yourself
  • Do not consume any alcohol or sedatives
  • Do not make any decisions or commitments which may incur your own responsability

Essential skills for being discharged:

  • Identification of warning signs that require contact with the doctor
  • Treatment and monitoring of pain-relief medication
  • Conditions for resuming personal treatments, particularly in case of anti-coagulant treatment

The follow-up

The nurse will telephone you at home on the day after your operation to get a report on your first night
You have an appointment at the outpatient clinic or with your doctor the day after your operation
No calls on Saturdays and public holidays

The healthcare staff is available to answer any questions you may have or clarify any points about which you may be unsure.

If you have the slightest health-related problem, please call:

Before 7pm:
The outpatient surgery unit :
Tel: +352 28 63 46 61 or +352 28 63 46 60

Between 7pm and 7am, weekends and public holidays:
The medical specialty unit :
Unit A2 : ENT, neurosurgery, rheumatology, spinal surgery, plastic surgery
Tel : 28 63 40 34
Unit A3 : thoracic surgery, pneumology
Tel : 28 63 40 21
Unit A4 : gastroenterology, visceral, general and vascular surgery
Tel : 28 63 40 32